X Games 2012 – RallyCross Finals

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Sebastien Loeb, Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan, David Higgins, Rhys Millen and others fight for the win in the Rallycross Finals at the X Games 2012 in Los Angeles. Please subscribe…


og khojack says:

Loeb gold, Block silver despite punture tyre


cà c du pilotage …. quel rincée…!!! lol

Pandemonium Lig says:

I said a big “OMG!!!” in direct live after saw in my TV this Final !! Not
for the victory of Leob & Citroen Racing,it was normal, he is the greatest
rally driver ever, but for the 1st time I saw this circus artist Ken Block
finish a race & without a crash! Oh yes OMG!!! … LOL



Lewis McLoughlin says:

They should put Loeb’s car on GT5, that’d be amazing!

Mohammed Sayed says:

top gear USA should be hosted by sebastian loeb, ken block and tanner foust

arno222444 says:

I am not sure Loeb seems to be really much faster. Don’t forget that Loeb
is the god of WRC and WRC is very demanding you can check some races on
youtube.. That being said the car is probably a big advantage for him the
Citroen is very fast.

Pandemonium Lig says:

3b-end) Actually McRae is a virtual legend of virtual videogames made dice
his only & alone 1 WRC by the usual anglo-saxon english-speaking side
thanks to the power in the world of their english language because the
USA’s power in the world medias since the end of the WW2 in 1945 If McRae
deserves 10 videogames with his name, Loeb deserves 100 at least ! ^^ But
the French don’t need propagandas, the truth is sufficient for it There is
the only objective truth, sorry for your deceptive pride…

10nestaw1993 says:

did he just call seb a rookie he is anything but a rookie.

Pandemonium Lig says:

2b) McRae is in the same level of Didier Auriol with 1 WRC, thus a nice
driver but especially not a legend in the History of the WRC since the 60′s
like are Sainz, Kankkunen & in 1st ranks Mäkinen and the greatest Legend
rally driver: Loeb

julioigna71 says:

Totally Agree Kevin!!

czglrembenrug says:

Seriously! A Ford Fiesta- who would have thought it could be cool. And yet
some pompous Parisian will probably chime in and say the Ford Fiesta isn’t
amazing- the Puegot is the only amazing car, blah blah blah.

BrakeHorsePower92 says:

Yeah, pretty sure nationality has a big impact on this. Monkeys.

Pandemonium Lig says:

you are just a young little pathetic noob and clown and your poor channel
proof that also ^^

czglrembenrug says:

Ken Block (an actual professional driver- unlike you) knew that he was
inviting the best in the world. Did you ever think people in the USA might
want to see the best in the world race? Ken Block is a class act. When your
marbles tingle because your favorite racer wins, don’t let it get to your
head. You had nothing to do with it.

leonardo miotti says:

the best of ken block in rally was a 8° positiion, jajajjaja

czglrembenrug says:

What is your point? 8th place in professional rally is pretty good. Better
than you or I could do- moot point because we aren’t professional rally
drivers. If you were, you’d be the biggest bag-licker talking the way you

willy ho says:

block is an actor, Loeb is a driver

czglrembenrug says:

Your comment is ignorant. And the guy announcing in no American. He’s
accent gives that away pretty clearly.

Joe Phelan says:

5:01 Rookie? Loeb? Ha ha ha

Di Cee says:

What do expect from a place that thinks racing around in circles is fun.

czglrembenrug says:

If terrible means good enough to be professional… Who are you to judge?
Think you would do better?

mininow says:

WRC champ owns the american wannabes, haha

Garrett Davis says:

Yeah he sucks so super hard. That idiot only managed second place on 3
tires, he should just quit.

bucketslash11 says:

” is gonna give loeb a run for his money”… i don’t think so

Kolja991 says:


takemewell says:

DS3 WRC with Sebastien Loeb. Tu peux pas test. Look my ass and see you

dalx21 says:

Loeb is the greatest Rally driver in history. He destroys everyone and has
since 2004.

TheRyan498 says:

No not really hes was an amazing rallycross driver along with his family.
You obviously dont know wrc or just some 3 year old that didnt watch it
when the real legends where in there. Loeb is a great driver dont get me
wrong but im saying Mcrae was also classed as a legend

Miguel Buffil says:

Please let me know when Ken Block gets to the finish

Jack McGarry says:

ken block is a great driver but this is sebastian fucking loeb no one could
possibly beat him

iRTheUnknown says:

loeb knows how to drive, block is a movie star driver used to several takes
to get crap right

takemewell says:

KB was just behind him. During the race, he was in 2nd position. why did he
not win? We must admit the truth : Loed is the best.

czglrembenrug says:

So you could drive better than Ken Block? What exactly is your driving
background that places you in the high position of judgement? If I were Ken
Block reading these boards I would be laughing at you. You sound like a
poser, as do all the other haters. At least he gets to do it for a living.
Don’t care if I were the worst rally driver, if I got to do it for a
living, I would be happy. Haters gonna hate.

Danilo Barros says:

Loeb, the best.

rastafary974 says:

Mr LOEB, sérieux, t’es un dingue, champion incontesté, si t’a un moments un
de c’est quatre pour m’enmener faire un petit tour sur piste je suis preneur

multifranck77 says:

ken block c’est un clown.

scaniacaliful says:

POPOPOOOOO!!! vraiment le meilleur pilote au monde,chapeau l’artiste!!! la
france a un grand talent… SEBASTIEN LOEB:-)

czglrembenrug says:

Loeb won because he drove better. And he started where he did because he
drove better qualifying. Don’t try to make excuses. It’s pathetic. And
let’s not forget the engineering and team that supported Loeb. Of course
most “fans” don’t get that.

krispiros says:

Maybe it is just me, but the others cars are all over the place – just look
at the cornering at 0:40. Most of this course is tarmac. It means, any time
you slide the car, you are losing time. Not only is Loeb fantastic, but his
car is set up perfectly for the course. If you look at the inside camera
view, you can see as he gets away from Block in a few corners as his car is
not sliding but accelerating. I am sorry to say, even if Block had the
inside lane, he would have been in trouble later.

iiKinosaurio says:

Wow Imagine Ken Block,Dave Mirra, Travis pastrana, Sebastian Loeb,Tonner
Foust,Colin McRae, :D! and Hirvonen

takemewell says:

You can say everything you want, the result is here. Loeb is the winner. Do
not look for some excuses

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