WIN a 2014 Mustang GT Supercharged – Project MMD from

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Want to WIN a supercharged 2014 Mustang GT? We’re giving away Project MMD! Enter at We teamed up with the guys over at…


kiraanimerawr1 says:

Damn you know I’d enter to win it once… I never win anything ever.. I’d
win this car, feel extremely guilty, and know that I can’t take it because
I’m 18 with my own Mustang that I’m already doing my own things to and I
don’t know how to drive manual yet… lol.

That’s the only reason I don’t want to enter… I don’t expect to win at
all, but if by some miracle I did….. I couldn’t take it. I hope it goes
to a really good deserving home.

Danny says:

I doubt I’ll win this, but I signed up anyways. Haha

RawrITSFrancis says:

I applied for it. I know I’ll win

Ryan Riebe says:

For all the people who say they will not win it: my family won two mustangs
from the same raffle in 6 years… its possible to win.

uhBeans says:

where are the terms and conditions

kyle disbennet says:

Curious if you have to be present at the show to win it?! Anyone know?!

Shadowcom1 says:

Would love to have this car….Not much I can do with my stang since its
kinda beat down and has 225K miles on it. Would baby that car like it
should be…But have fun with it when I can ;)

raza514 says:

Wish I could win this, unfortunately I live in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi

elbertelrod says:


Rafael Drummond says:

hopefully you guys will announce the winner on this one

Walter White says:

When I win this, I will make videos… Don’t worry guys!

Michael Beane says:
Adrian Martinez says:

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