Virtual Formula Drift – Round 1 -Streets of Long Beach – Part 1

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Some of the best top 32 battles you’ll ever see. EVER. We had a ton of great battles. If you want to watch live, head on over to…


joash castorillo says:

I would really like to join this hoedo i sign up´╗┐

Almighty Clan says:


NWxCruddy says:

oh shit 3h

The Mind Of Blazee says:

Fantastic x100 .

Cullen Jones says:

I would really ike to participate in one of the seasons and i feel i coud
be a decent addition to the roster, IF it is open how would i go about
applying and trying out?

DMI Fox says:

bitch please I had the same angle when I was leading

Adam Huckerby says:

Still seriously fucked off my wheels locked in my battle against Blaze

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