Tuerck Trouble In NYC! Long Island Drifting & Brooklyn Debauchery: Tuerck’d

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Tuerck’d Season 2: Episode 8. Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck heads down to NYC with the 1JZ240 for a road party with the Street Bastards in Lo…


Eric Villegas says:

whats the name of the song?

Chris Palmer says:

Sick haha and love ur 240! Which wheels are those? Works? 

Ken Soy says:

Living the dream!

Konstant Design says:

Ryan Tuerck came out to New York few weeks to FTW Racing Fuels and Chris
Miller Racing and we met up with them thanks to Chris and Tminus NYC
Photography. Did some decal work for him and hung out.. watch in the
beginning as he almost totally side swipes the KD s14…. lol

Mark Ponce says:

I know where in brooklyn he was at that use to be mu neighborhood when i
was younger

sheeveington says:

i need that lightbar on the honda lol

Nikita Motylev says:


Vlad Nastyuk says:

Everything Proper
on facebook

Flash_BeeZy says:

☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over youtube
/ so he can take over
and return the old comment section

Lucas Nogueira says:

Would you ever take someone in like an “apprentice” if they supported
themselves and just really wanted to get into the lifestyle? 

Jared Faber says:

can you tell me the size of of your screamer pipe it sounds insane and mine
sounds too hollow

Phillip Hanna says:

Building my s13 this winter and yea this would be a dream come true to be
able to live like that. I would kill to do a tandem with him. So epic, I’ve
watched all of your vids countless times lol. #HooniganIsntACrime

nissan sideways says:


keeganwebber says:

I want to know more about that crx at the very end… you almost plowed
that into a wall!

jeremiah cerezo says:

What SSR rims are those?

itscherry says:

Your life > Mine. 

Daniel sander says:


carlos juncal says:

Andrew shrok sent me

ady parker says:

first song ?

ProductionsLeftRight says:

Ryan, how much do you have invested into the s13? It’s honestly one of the
best looking ones I’ve seen.

Jori Schroer says:

ryan howmuch did you pay for that s13 project, because i’m considering to
build one myself.

Craig Driscoll says:

Looks like Grumman airfield to me…

Talesofdave1 says:

closed course 2nd location ;-)

SuPra Drugs. ♥ Thanks For 100 subs! says:

That’s near my house. That’s crazy!

hotsauce3008 says:

Why did you change the wheels on your 240

AsianKid886 says:

Origin Stylish

Gianni Mahone says:

does somebody know what 1jz engine he uses :$ ?

Kody Weisbeck says:

I like that dodge dart

nramolfo says:

what kind of rims have you in the s13?

Mr.Knister says:

It’s from Origin

jeremiah cerezo says:

Can somebody PLEASE tell me this body kit…cause I know it’s not the
rocket bunny one

kawasaki450fast says:

some one needs to do a hole drift run up Glendora mountain road

xstr33tr4cerx says:

are you still in the tri state area??? you gotta come to jersey for my
crews meet in paramus “Royal Werks” Hot wings and cool Whips at applebees

Jeremy Cadena says:

clean ass 240′s


song ? :D

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