Ryan Tuerck Trouble In NYC Drifting Burnout Response: Tuerck’d

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Ryan Tuerck responds to your comments and questions from ep 8 of Tuerck’d in NYC! Buttoast wants to know whether the 1jz is Ryan’s daily driver. 13Razgriz37 …


Daniel Smith says:

is it possible to drift a sr20de no turbo?

Buddy Love says:

RT has Harley’s? respect. 

David dromi says:

you mite have done all you can this season but your still number one in
my box dude you are the reason i am building a drift car you have fun
doing what you love to do and live life to the fullest and thats the way
to live keep dooing what you do best bro

Lucas Nogueira says:

Would you ever take someone in like an “apprentice” if they supported
themselves and just really wanted to get into the lifestyle? 

fillipe cortte says:

Tuerck have you ever went off the driveway drifting and hit a tree? if so
how bad was car damaged?

Gurinder62 says:

How many gearboxes have you thrashed?

fideldiaz97 says:

Why did you get into formula drift and not your brother?


would you ever depart with the s13?

Panashe Gwavava says:

why don’t you drift the 240sx/180sx.in formula drift

FX Matt says:

Really, now? That’s really cool! :P

WhutThePhuq says:

that was the dumbest thing to do without safety glasses..

Beyond Skys says:

Would be awesome to have a job working with these guys in some kind of way

SkimmpySB says:

3500 6 speed dually is not fun? what?

Mooseboy240 says:

cept team orANGe

MrNBowden says:

Hey Ryan, just wondering what brand and size wastegate do you use on the
1JZ car and is there a trick in the screamer pipe design to make it scream
like it does?

twostrokes4life says:

yea but you ever rolled coal any ricers or prius? shits fun

RenegadeChocobos says:

Hey Ryan! I noticed that on your missile S13 it’s got Crow Enterprises
Racing Harnesses and was wondering how you like them? Are they good
harnesses all in all? Any complaints?

Screaming RB says:

Whats up Ryan, I just Wanted to ask you what was the first thing you hit
with the 1jz when you was done building it and took it out to Burnn
Rubbbbeerr !!

Jeremy Charles says:

Any events near Virginia or DC area to be expected?

sirt8669 says:

We are certainly working very hard to make this happen! Hope to see you and
your crew very soon!

Ryan Tuerck says:

We shall see.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Thanks Megan.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Next season.

Ryan Tuerck says:

im not sure on the percentage. I would say not very much. Driveway is only
good to basically do some donuts. It’s not very big and isn’t fast at all.

Ryan Tuerck says:

depends on what you capabilities are. I would say it’s not that hard if you
know how to work on cars.

Ryan Tuerck says:

it’s hanging out at The retaks facility

Ryan Tuerck says:


Ryan Tuerck says:

yeah 240′s work awesome.

Ryan Tuerck says:

That’s a simple thing to say if you haven’t ever had a car that didn’t live
up to your expectations. Like I said in this response the level of
competition is so high these days if you don’t have a car that is dialed in
and as competitive as your oponents car then it will be very hard to win.
We have improved our car throughout the season. The biggest thing was
re-engineering the front end so that we could get the car to steer and
transition the way I wanted it to with big angle.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Not long enough. I have never clocked it.

Ryan Tuerck says:

I htought it was awesome. Lots of fun. A 240 is also equally as fun.

Ryan Tuerck says:

I have not.

Ryan Tuerck says:

All Essa had to do was bolt on a wisefab kit that already had all the
engineering done to get massive angle and make it steer the way he wanted.
We had to engineer a front end kit like wisefab throughout the season. It’s
still a brand new chassis that not too many people here in the states have
quite figured out yet so it’s all a learning curve and a progression.

Ryan Tuerck says:

sr 20

Ryan Tuerck says:

Thanks man. Hoping for a much better season next year.

Ryan Tuerck says:

That’s my brothers E28 and He plans on just daily driving it and having a
bit of fun in the rain.

Ryan Tuerck says:

too long of a story to type.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Run away. Hicas is terrible for drifting.

Ryan Tuerck says:

hit the gas and drop the clutch.

Ryan Tuerck says:

We would love to bring our show to network television but we haven’t had
any offers.

Ryan Tuerck says:

eh. I don’t particularly like Sr’s at all.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Thanks man. I have no shame in explaining those things.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Yes sir. Should be even better.

Ryan Tuerck says:

It would definitely not be as competitive as the FRS. My 1jz 240 isn’t set
up for formula d and would need quite a bit of work to get it to FD level
of competition.

Ryan Tuerck says:

I would love to but I don’t make that kind of money. Hopefully I do at some
point in the future where I can help some people out.

Ryan Tuerck says:

The Altezza was a lot of fun.

Ryan Tuerck says:

Thank you. The Hoonigans Designed it.

Ryan Tuerck says:


Ryan Tuerck says:

My brother.

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