Ryan Tuerck Flips Truck During Burnout Response: Gatebil 2013

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Woo! Ryan Tuerck checks in from Portland Speed Industries responding to your comments from Norway’s Gatebil 2013. Vin Spinnato finds out why Ryan doesn’t tra…


Nolan Krueger says:

How did your parents feel about you getting into drifting

BODYA Shvets says:

Im 17. How can i become a Drifter? 

Brandon Cooley says:

Buy yourself a RWD or AWD car, and hit an abandoned parking lot with some
warning cones, to get where they are, you have to learn on your own

Billie Baird says:

Tuerck, might be worth getting in contact with me, I do motorsports
logistics via containerised freight all over the world, I do 3 or 4 cars
per container which minimises the cost and would allow you and 2 or 3
friends to have your personal car and spares anywhere in the world. Send me
a PM and I’ll give you an email to contact me.

lebron3570 says:

do u poop twice a day?

Ronald Ciubuc says:

One of my favorite burn out responses yet!

Hamsterreizer says:

Kristaps is from Latvian, not Russia. There is a big difference!

rbeaton16 says:

Why would he wear a helmet? He’s not racing he’s just having some fun with
friends, I can understand the seatbelt thing but a helmet is pushing it too

bailey wildman says:

No such thing a to much lift. The lift didn’t roll the truck. The driver

Vin Spinnato says:

Thanks for answering my questions!!!

Alex S says:

I watched the mid-sentence truck roll response like 12 times. “Woah!!”

247Danimal says:

ya you should remove the fact that he flipped the truck, would be epic

EV5852 says:

I feel sorry for that guys truck

Michael Eversole says:

Tuerck! Is good to see you out at PSI having some fun! I drive past there
everyday on my way to work! Retaks trailer has been parks out front for
sometime now :)

tyler prussman says:

lmao boss flippage

nh skiier says:

when do you think youll join the world of rally cross and what car would
you use?

suzuki400boi says:

He really lives the Hoonigan slogans.. “Rolled the truck, ain’t care, let
me hop out and answer this question.”

crashmantan says:

Because we want to see more of his greatness

cashotpb says:

dang i rolled a truck goin 25 and i ant all that stoopider

mollis123456 says:

HAHAHAHA!!!! best response ever!

Lennon Gonçalves Borba says:

wowwww this is [HOONIGAN] !

SomeHooligan says:

i hate you.

T4NKBOSS says:

Best video yet, hahhahahaha

shitheadcatfish says:

Fuck off with the helmet seatbelt sissy crap. Don’t push you’re beliefs on
others, how bout that?

Awesome Bill From Dawsonville says:

Notice how he had it on in the FRS though, got a little reality check in
the truck.

kodi brown says:

Hey Ryan, How are the girls treating you? Do they recognize you from FD?

EHfreedom says:

and if i am european how i can get a t-shirt also in the website?

Wididy says:

pause at 2:14 that is one sexy supra… :D

benjamin irvine says:

this is great is he selling those tires?

kodi brown says:

Why do you enjoy drifting more than other racing types like rally or
offroad type?

SunShine says:

lol, love how he has seatbelts on after the truck roll :P

King Poloopo says:

Fucking dumbass,sorry bout the truck

Jared Niko says:


themeesthe says:

hahah thats awesome

Alex Ayala says:

1:58 FINALLY realized he needs to buckle up you could have died man..

MrAeroHD says:


john halkoski says:

atleast he didnt fuck up your last name, but all is forgive because tuerck
is awesome

JonnyMacLovin says:

i knew it was your trailer that was parked in the front by the highway :)

rbeaton16 says:

He’s not racing, they didn’t plan on flipping the truck. They jumped in for
what was to be a very brief drive in the field as he answered one question.
They aren’t going to put on full fire suits, helmets, etc. just to answer a
damn question. Lighten up, don’t take shit so seriously.

Diffwrecker says:

ae86 @2.03

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