Ryan Tuerck Flamethrower GoPro Burnout Response: #NoPants

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Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck is home in New Hampshire modifying his ijz240 car into a flamethrower and responding to your comments from his …


Leandro Martins says:


austyn woodcox says:


Justin Zedicher says:

where the fuck was the flamethrower u fagget ass bitch

FE4TlSM says:

Suavecito ftw

Борис Ким says:

хочу видео на русском!

Taylor ElJefe says:

he meant have you ever gotten head while drifting 1:28

Harrison Foster says:

Ryan, R34 or Supra?

Caleb Henby says:

Ryan, what kind of modifications go into doing a 1jz swap into an s13?

101RealTalker says:

4real…came for the flamethrower, got tips on hairs products…fail

Corey Gilbert says:

i discovered your video by accident and since then u have been a role model
towards me and my brother,and we both got 240′s and we would like to
hangout with u for just one day just saying if that is possible…

juan de dios Salazar says:

malditos gringos como guate

HarkingFarkus says:

Look at the huge stickers all over the car and that will answer your

OFFICAL420 says:

on fire? better remove pants in mid drift

trei Kalifa says:

In the 1jz do you run an external waste gate with a screamer pipe?

mcgaha1990 says:

What would be the first upgrade for a fresh 1jzgte you would do?

andrew miller says:

it is gas leftover from the engine and goes to the exhaust system. piston
engines normally dont do it unless they are built but if you get any
factory rotary and remove the cats it spits flames all day but not long
like that

andrew miller says:

its a question video. he has videos of him drifting so why don’t you not
put down someone who is close to their fans and answer there question

andrew miller says:

i believe a thing called tracks are a good place get caught by cops.

oechikr says:

dat 1JZ

johanes kazan says:

you talk to much go driftting

mike hawk says:

do you work on your own cars? and if you do how did you learn how to work
on them?

joshua Bennett says:

what wheels are they?

Keenan Sealy says:

Beast of a 240sx. Nice ride.

Richard Akcayli says:

that is the sexiest 1jz sound ever!

Stancd evo says:

Do you ever just cruise around Aurburn? Im always around there in my 240
and out dirtbiking a lot out here, thought id be seeing a 240 fly around by

slimeguy99 says:

Ryan, you should try drift a volvo. That would be awesome :)

ClutchDumpn511 says:

1jz>rb26 cuz thats why

Brandon Vicks says:

i love the way his 1jZ sounds#carporn#drifting

IgmarZX says:

Is that the same 240sx as before? or new one same engine?

Josh Carter says:

Ryan, how did you get up enough money to start drifting? And how much did
it take to have a good set up?

BkS Media says:

He has a crew that do the editing for him… I thought this was obvious…

sam shepard says:

Im buying a 92 249

nh skiier says:

if you do rally cross what car would you drive?

sam shepard says:

Im buying a 92 240sx with a sr20 blacktop and advice to what i should do to
it that will help me have a more reliable drift car

BVSX200 says:

It’s music to our ears!

Tyler Hidalgo says:

what differentials do you use on your cars? which do you prefer? love the

Brandon Vicks says:

i love the way his 1jZ sounds#carporn#drifting

StanceAvenue says:

Epic vid ryan!! What did u do to your exhaust??

Dan Potthast says:

Does anyone know how to practice drifting and what kind of places to look
for without getting caught by cops? I cant get away with it in southern new

kenneth milano says:

Ryan, how many go pros do you have and do you do all the editing yourself?

sta montana says:

I was on burnout response I think my life is half way complete now I just
have to drive the missile

Josh Donivan says:


Balone23 says:

When comes Ryan to Germany?

10forgram says:

Sell the SR, Changed coils, lock diff.

Santy AlmendritaTPB says:

Ryan, ive just seen the f40 video, so u said it was very dificult to drift,
now, wich is the car that have been more dificult to drift to you?

rbeaton16 says:

It’s the same car and engine as before.

Henry Ayala says:


Jaroslav Bednaric says:

why is there even a hair product question?

10forgram says:

“What kind of hair products do you use?” Thats my Q I can’t stand to watch

Jürgen Kellermayr says:

Ryan, i don’t know if this was asked yet, but what happens to your former
drift cars (like the v8 s13.5,…) when you get a new car for a new season?
Btw great show and good luck for the Formula D Finals!

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