RAW SATURDAY – Formula Drift Long Beach 2013

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http://keepdriftingfun.com http://facebook.com/keepdriftingfun Friday at Formula Drift Long Beach 2013. Raw Audio. Keep Drifting Fun.


WillRoegge says:

This one has a shreeve’y in it.

Kyu1LL says:

This was my first Formula D event EVER after being a fan for 10 years… it
was SO fun. I’m addicted now. Thanks for the cool footage to share with my
friends that went with me that day.

VisionWells says:

Nice edit Will!

v500k says:

I love them raw sounds, sir. Don’t stop these raw editions please <3

Markus Mustermann says:

I like the Shreeve-y vibe to these raw videos.

Nathan Elcoate says:

Sick footage mate

eric castro says:

Put that on your list of cool shit you saw today.

Alexgotnicebody says:

awesome video. 0:50 was sick.

Kristin Whitehead says:
Bruno Santos says:

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