RAW FRIDAY – Formula Drift Long Beach 2013

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http://keepdriftingfun.com http://facebook.com/keepdriftingfun Friday at Formula Drift Long Beach 2013. Raw Audio. Keep Drifting Fun.


Garrett Martin says:


Seth Patterson says:

Will, you are a master of your profession

Jared Cosgro says:

Already?! My god… so good

Markus Mustermann says:

Tuerck, Forsberg and Briggs sound insane

Team A99E - ドリフト・ウォリアズ says:


Zjael Builta says:

Corey you’re getting better.

Galin Petrov says:

the world knows him as ….. Santa ;)

Nicholas Crank says:


Josh Whitcombe says:

yeah Bil Baldwin is awesome

Markus A. Jaworski says:

Love the fact that there is no music.

Franke609 says:

Epic Beard Man!

David K says:

Mordaunts car sounds evil


SICK video. Didn’t even have two of the same angles. All were different.
Love the sounds of the cars. Liked.

Tibo Jacobsen says:

THATS music!

JWoodMedia says:

love it. you must’ve been sprinting all day with all the angles you had in
this haha

Jonny Jones says:

Better than the live stream? :-P

neonforfaen2 says:

Gotta love the white bearded guy <3 :)

itskOOps says:

Great shots, dude. It’s like I’m there ^^

TheConquestguy says:

That sounds of FD Long Beach is music to my ears!

billzaink says:

This is possibly the best drift video I’ve watched, please please please do
more like this! This is amazing!

Justice1179 says:

Great editing!

jezer7777 says:

Thank you so much for covering up that perfect natural noise of the cars
with some stupid song. Absolutely beautiful!

jonceballos says:

broke my mouse on the like button again….

esteban quesada says:


macneil187 says:

too many v8′s for me. I’ll stick with the club loose events..

parkourman0114 says:

the closer you get to that guys beard, the more respect you get!

Alex Veledinovic says:

Love it how there is no music

Sam Araujo says:

Bil is maaaaad

Raffaele Fronteddu says:

@1:05 Horatio Caine

F0ste says:

We missed you man!

revspyd says:

Thank you for this great video, and THANK you for no music…:D

Spjs95german says:

Wonderfull! Just great….that music!

Oleg Vorobiov says:

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