Nissan 350z Supercharged Drifting Around Track

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Brad Smith in his Nissan 350z supercharged practice drifting around Hampton Downs in New Zealand Rate, Share and Subscribe! Facebook — http://www.facebook….


Maccaroney says:

Did anyone else notice that the steering wheel was bent? lol


0:50 like a BAWS

morten325 says:

Feel like the Go-pro camera’s could’ve had different angles instead. Like a
low bumper cam. And stay more focuesed on the front view, and maybe a far
distance view. I’m more interested in watching the exterior of the car and
the drifting.

Dane Smith says:

New video is up!! this is one fast car! 350z with a super charger!

Massimo M says:

Why the shitty music, why ??

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