Mercury Cougar – American Muscle Car

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An excellent TV show featuring the classic Mercury Cougar. They cover all the classic years, and talk about all the different engines and option packages you…


Jorge CH says:

I’m about to buy one of this cars, I like it a lot.

tyeson85 says:


Beer Bibber says:

they drive GREAT ……… in a straight line.
But cornering, cicanes and so on ……… rubbish handling in corners.
I prefer the looks …… but not the handling.
The handling of an european or japanese car in an american musclecar
bodyshell would be heaven to drive.

fordfurious1998 says:

It was good enough for James Bond!! a 1969 Mercury cougar with the rare
cobra jet engine was used in James Bond in her majesties secret service!!

wickedrebel512 says:

The Cougar Eliminator is probably one of the best looking muscle cars ever
made in my opinion

wedontknowone1 says:

wow! You must be excited! I wanna get one someday in my life! Because this
is my favorite muscle car that ever existed!

Stoneyburke says:

Sister had a 390 XR7 but got rid of it. Other Sis got a 1976 Cougar but it
was like the Monte. Too big.

james marshall says:

427 supercharged– would be noticable

Pencil guy Jim G says:

My friend and I came across one of these cats years ago with a 390 big
block from the factory. It was a 67… Cougars had all the cool engines…

scdevon says:

Such awesome American iron!

Relixstylz says:

Great show ! To bad they did’nt mention that much about the 351 cleveland,
that would have been cool.

bbo40 says:

I like this show a lot; but a little more “just the facts” and less of the
goofy narrative lines would make it GREAT ! Statements like ” This cat is
gonna roar……” and “ruffling the cats fur” etc. etc. make me cringe .
Make it more about the cars and not the silly,fluffy dialogue. . .

JustMikeOnlyMike says:

they should do a remake of this model with a nice big V8

IDiedForYou1776 says:

Bout time Cougars get the recognition they deserve…been a proud owner of
mine for a lil under 10 years :D

GohModley says:

Wish there were a Cougary with a Boss 351.

der golem says:

my dad owned an eliminator, mustang drivers used to pull up beside him and
challenge him to a race, he’d accept (with a large grin on his face) and
blow them away, he did’nt lose with that car; as i understand the U.S.
highway patrol used this car as an interceptor;some of those mustang
drivers are still crying,,hahaaa

Minecraft Guy Is Awesome says:

Better Than Modern Supercars.

xIsrael92x says:

someone was selling a green one around my neighborhood. God I wish I was
the one to have bought it.

scdevon says:

Ford made the best looking cars back then. No doubt.

ford351cmustang says:

Awsome car. Chevy or chrysler had nothing to compete with a 351 Cleveland
or big block cougar ive seen it many times on the track.

Steady .Clownin says:

i have a 1968 cougar xr-7 with the 390, freakin love that car

Lupa Meneguelli says:

With so many images, not show the grille opening the lighthouse? This was a
sin of the matter.

Garviel Loken says:

Was it a 1967 289 4-barrel in North Carolina?

janosleng73 says:

You are correct, it is a Javalin indeed!

Flyerborn497 says:

Haha man, thats awesome. Out of curiosity how many MPG’s do you get? I’m
thinking of buying one and im just curious. I know its a muscle car so im
not expecting much lol

Bcroft39 says:

I almost bought a 68 cougar with a 351 windsor. Very nice car with plenty
of muscle.

james marshall says:

why didnt auto makers just make 500 hp engines as an option for all cars

Andrew Ibot says:

“Yada yada da, don’t call it a mustang. It’s a perfect pony car yada yada
it’s not just a pony car. Yada yada it’s still not a mustang”

yvette wintermute says:

What a great looking car…..

NoGuff says:

I hate when people refer to “wood grain dash” when its either wood-painted
plastic, or just a sticker that looked like wood-grained plastic. SO CHEAP.

scdevon says:

I love these late 60′s big block Fords. They were good runners.

ThaBlackIce says:

00:30 wow is that a javelin?

Mary Hipple says:

I had a 67 !

CougarsUnlimited says:

We sure had alot of fun making this video! We hauled the #25 Cougar 1400
miles through an ice storm to Atlanta. Many thanks to all who helped make
this video possible!

james marshall says:

cougar lookin for a cub–lol

svkartisbest says:

Mercury Monarch 78 gentleman’s car

Alex Ibarra says:

@IDiedForYou1776 Amen! Ive owned mine for about 6 months now gotta get
working on it come spring so its ready for the summer!

Garviel Loken says:

This car is badass. Shame a lotta people don’t know about it anymore. It
didn’t retain it’s popularity as well. Good to see it’s being recognized…

alex davis says:

i had a dude tell me his diesel Mercedes could beat my cougar in a drag
race -_-

Paloma Monteleone says:

the boss 302 lost to the chevy guys. ford should have went w a 351 cougar

scdevon says:

Big block Fords were really good engines back then.

areubaked says:

I loved my 1967-68 Cougars. Wish I still had them. Loved their looks – so
much better than a Mustang to me. My rarest Cougar was a 1968 XR7-G 390
with factory sunroof. Just like what you see in this video at the 2:10
mark. or at 3:41. I also had a really fast ’67 XR-7 GT 390 4V “S” motor w/
4 speed. I swapped a 427 2×4 into it. Awesome cars.

isaacaaron4jesus says:

the 351 cleveland won a 12 hour australian race called bathhurst. the
engine was mated to an f-100 tranny and put in a 4 door falcon gtho.

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