MAC Dual Exhaust Conversion Kit (99-04 V6) American Muscle

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Here are a bunch of sound clips of the MAC Dual Exhaust Conversion Kit (99-04 V6) from on my 2000 Ford Mustang V6. Hopefully these clips h…


Miguel Sanchez says:

Is this stock with only the catback?

jakejackjoe says:

Yeah, it looks sweet. I’m thinking about getting this exhaust kit if I end
up getting a V6 instead of a GT, and this video was really helpful.

johnnnification says:


SpeedlingRuSh says:

If I cut holes in my V6 bumper can this exhaust system sit in the cutouts?

BeAzT99 says:

Wheres the cheapest place to purchase this exhaust from?

johnnnification says:

inside the car at 2500rpm+ does it sounds raspy?

Chris Hasert says:

Not really, based on how it was made to be installed, it will sit under the
bumper cover.

AirsoftNewJersey says:

On mine one pipe hangs lower?

jessem0301 says:

Is it hard to install?????

Joseph Fritz says:

sound like there the ones for me hope it will work with cold air induction
i have

Cesar Monterroso says:

both the converson kit and pypes are sold on americanmuscledotcom

lamarg says:

disagree mac sound good on the six

XSlashDashX says:

Do an inside exhaust video inside the vehicle.

Chris Hasert says:

I just ordered that exhuast kit for my 2000 v6. I already have a CAI
installed. i cant wait to have this installed as well!

Zachary Hewlett says:

definitely, hopefully it helps people decide if this is the exhaust for
them! Tucson isnt too ugly, the weather is pretty darn hot right now, but
it is kinda scenic eh?


Hows the MPG since the dual?

xXShonomercyXx says:

Have you had any problems with the aluminized part of this exhaust, just
curious if it would rust over time.

Seth Gust says:

Is this all stock with just the MAC dual exhuast conversion kit? It sounds

Zachary Hewlett says:

i havent noticed any rasp with this exhaust

Ave7ged says:

Did you get the pypes hanger kit?

Zachary Hewlett says:

the only difference i can tell is from me driving more aggressively because
it sounds better haha. i never really monitored my mpg before the install,

unzunzvroom says:

Garbage, flowmasters sound way better.

jakejackjoe says:

Thanks for uploading, beautiful scenery too!

kushsalad420 says:

Is this the exhaust kit that bolts up to the stock y pipe? If so this
exhaust sounds better than some true dual exhaust systems and is only 300
buks its awsome! Could you give me a for sure answer either from the
uploader or someone else thx

bcbadbrad says:

the video is great for the drive away mainly, exhaust drones and gets loud
inside and out at 2700 through 3000 rpms, before and after its quiet on the
inside, which is nice cause your peak torque is at 3 k so you really hear
and feel the power, very tiny drone at 1300 but you can hardly hear it,
revs in real life are a lot louder, more beefy more sound-sounding, i love
this exhaust, highly recommend, not dissing your video, its a good video,
just trying to help potential buyers

kushsalad420 says:

Is this the exhaust that bolts to the factory y pipe? I would really
appreciate a solid answer thx

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