LOUD MUSCLE! 1969 Dodge Charger R/T – incredible V8 and exhaust SOUND!!

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Jamboolio records a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, one of the most legendary American muscle cars of all time! You’ve surely seen 60s Chargers in movie classics lik…


Mopar orNocar says:

Yea my uncle has one with master flows and cams heads etc we took it out
for a spin first on he had too much power that the yoke broke front the
driveshaft we upgraded that and now we are dominating the streets

MrSilentKiller1992 says:

i have same car only diffrents is i have a v8 twin turbo whit blown over

Panagiwths Papadopoulos says:

i just CUM!!

IIP Velocity says:

The car is a beauty, but those breaks are wayyy to small for such a heavy
car, they look like little renault clio callipers

M Franz says:

Brake pad gnniiiiiiiiiiiii

chazhines00 says:

lol you deafly need some breaks bro but that motherfucker is hittin a lick!

Mitchell Hoogendorp says:

The breaks are squeeking as fuck :(

Pootisman2112 says:

So are we just not going to talk about the hair on the guy at 0:57?

Kristo Lilla says:

That guy ruined this car with one thing the wheels

Attila Bence Mikus says:

Best V8 of 60s

Lindi Loo says:


ololoYaVoditelNLO says:


thebob01 says:

The most beautiful car ever made.

Nick Elliott says:

Nice car, Squeeky ass fucking breaks though. Get that shit checked out. I’d
get an anurism driving that big bitch around all the time.

97jag440 says:

dude listen to that cam work got lope?

Paul Elmore says:

Wheels look so wrong.

juan lopez says:

this car sound so fuckin amazing i love it

Сталкер ДаркСкейпер says:

This is not sound. This song.

ron mullins says:

Bullit movie was a 1968 Charger. :)

TRAINstainz says:

wheels do car no justice..

Francisco Aranda says:

now, thats how a car supouse to sound

gaditas008 says:

My god! look this! 

Pencil guy Jim G says:

Beautiful Ground pounder…

E34Benzin says:

Best car ever!! Sooner or later, I’ll get one of those.

Alibek Rakhimbekov says:


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