JDM Allstars – HD Drifting film

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Filmed & Edited by Al Clark – www.trackdayfilms.com FIRST SONG NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! https://soundcloud.com/al_clark/on-slide-row MUSIC: Al Clark Drift…


matschgi000 says:

Am i the only one who can’t find the Chic – Goodtimes remix anywhere?

Roy McDre says:

Guess some ppl dont know what a Prelude is. lol

Gienek Toaleta says:

What car is at 3:17?

kars Upgraders says:

Nissan is the king..!! RBs silvias, RBs impresas daaaamm owesome i love
nismo 3

Andriy Horbovsky says:


Omar Ben El Hachemi says:

that poor bike at 4:20 wants to drift to but he can’t :( it really hurts my
feelings :(

Buuub08 says:

What wrong with owning a Honda? And why would they dislike a drift video
because of it?

Buuub08 says:

Youd be hard pressed to name 5 major manufacturers that dont make FWD cars.
Honda is pretty big in motor sports, as is their contribution to the
technological advancement now everyone takes for granted.

MrPascalDutch says:

Or do it al by yourself en keep al the money you will problaby win.

otiddiclvx says:

toyota ae86

OfficialDeluxeClan says:

because its formula drift dude u need something that can make a lot of
RELIABLE power and ls series engines can provide that, most rather not go
with turbod rbs and what not because of the lack at parts at hand if they
break sumthing on a turbo engine its either we have an extra to replace it
or were fucked lol where ls motors u can go to about any autozone and find
anything u need lol

josue rodriguez says:

tri maniaco

kushal sharma says:

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tpomadagascar says:

toyota ae86

obeyytekknine says:

What car is at 2:07 and 2:10

komatsuforest97 says:

Why did they put a v8 in a e30??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olengher says:

Lol.This sport makes me think japan is so small it’s all some streets and a
parking lot and they were actually tryn to rally and this came up

Immortallize says:

s2k… lol ;D


Thanks for the complement, he’s the smartest man on earth dumbass.

Dante castillo says:

estos wnes son sekos xd 

Rui Costa says:

Now … thats drifting :-)

Emma Louise says:


Sean Richards says:

For all those drift fans :-)

Aaron Lara says:

Falken has the best Drivers Ever

Thomas Olson says:

#jdmasfuck #driftmaniachampionship +Telyne clark +Jared Byers

2DXtreme: Import & Domestic Performance says:

Some cool Drifting clips from JDM All Stars

Adam Molloy says:

I have a civic and a silvia the civic is dirt a pice of shit compared to
the silvia I never drive the civic

rudy villa says:

100 dislikes = honda owners fukk hondas pos


Ok, fucking disabled retard.

Tztok Jad says:

get a job and then we’ll talk. Virgin.


Being a retard isn’t a job you moron.

Jesus Christ says:

You dont seem to understand what rice means. Just becaude they have paint
and some have body kits. They all perform 15 time better than a 19 year
olds riced out fwd honda civic.

TotalDriftOut says:

Falken is the best

MrRevolize says:

Really bro??

Jesus Christ says:

People consider driving in an oval a motorsport. This is in london, check
out some japan drifting.

Robertas Šerpetauskas says:

nice car


Yeah, because I’m a retard like you.

Катя Вегерина says:

Yes, you do not know how to drive the Americans fucking morons learn to
ride like a crazy Russian drifters …

vovhomich says:

я один русский тут?

✈ RC Drift Hobby ✈ says:


Brandon Ellis says:

go back to nascar

YASIOneROX says:


Eduardo Arreola says:

I Love Drift ;)

Supurb Turbo says:

That pink turbo at the beginning is sexy

Doge says:

0:40 That S15 is badass…

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