Hitler finds out Ken Block moved to ford

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Hitler is informed that Ken Block has moved to Ford. Video made by Tj Lauters. I had nothing to do with creation of it. Spreading it for the lulz.


swiyper says:

Freakin hilarious , Must have watch it already hundred times


would your reaction be the same as hitler’s reaction to ken block moving
from subaru to ford??

TwoLittleRandomKids says:

from now on we drink red bull – ROFL!!!

vhsc22 says:

hahahahahah this is awesome!!!

crazybluemongoose says:

He needs to be wearing a flat brim hat for maximum authenticity.

snowrocket says:

That opening scene showing where they’re going to spectate and why is as
close to reality as it comes! Spectating strategy is MY “Master Plan”! The
Subaru crowd will miss you Ken, but good luck at Ford.

TTRrally says:

heaheaheaheaheahaehaeheah genial! viva o redbull heaheaheahae

Premierj21 says:

haha.. funny

erich1313sch says:

Hiiiiii Hitler !!!!

alex3dworld says:

AWESOME WORK with the subtitles! ken block sucks on wrc, he should stay in
the states selling DC shoes and suporting Dirt the game, even if he looks
like a nice guy, and love his job, he is making an horrible representation
in wrc. he looks like a clown with all those wierd color suits and sun

Eric Mickle says:

@AWDfreak he is?! b4 subaru was da best rally co around now that wow

Kamal Rowe says:

I bought my WRX because of Peter , Colin and Richard …

TJ Lauters says:

Thanks for spreading my video around and giving me the credit.

TheAudiTTfan says:

HAAH Genius!! “Ford”=”Fuerd!” “Found-on road-dead” :D :D

Kevin McAvey says:


MkoneEscort says:

@EricsTheRightNowShow yeah what now i’d like to see subaru come back to the
days of colin mcrae but it’s not happening their cars do’n have the zing
like the others, i’s like subaru just used last years model while the FORDS
and CITROENS made great improvements in handling and cornering speed, all
you subaru loving ford haters are sooking through your asses and are
winging cos your old sti’s can’t keep up and you can’t get your own way!
ffs grow up – it’s no use bagging ford for blocks dimissal

zanzliq131 says:

i lol e’d a litle

Muhd Rayyan Habri says:


MkoneEscort says:

citroen didnt even rally cars till 1990, they arent even classic yet. the
first car Ove Andersson prepared with works backing was a Toyota Celica,
but the first winner he produced was a Corolla in 1975. For Ove Andersson
1975 was one of his finest personal years anyway, he won the Safari Rally
driving for Peugeot. – no rally wins or championships there for toyota :P
Subaru’s WRC efforts date back to 1980, however, the team, in its current
form, has existed since 1989 –

slaphappyjacko says:

I guess some people don’t know that Subaru doesn’t participate in WRC. They
haven’t won a manufacturers title since 1997. Forget about Mustangs. Look
at Ford’s WRC history and explain why staying with Subaru would be a smart
career decision for a driver who wants to A) Race in WRC, and B) Win in WRC.

MkoneEscort says:

@Matty231 all good hahaha i’m not pissed at you, i’m pissed at the way the
ford company got slammed, thats the most immature thing going on here
R.I.P. Peter Raymond George “Possum” Bourne (April 13, 1956 – April 30,
2003) was a champion New Zealand rally car driver R.I.P. Colin Steele
McRae, MBE (5 August 1968 – 15 September 2007) was a Scottish rally driver
born in Lanark

AndyO AndyOzark says:


Klodust says:

too bad that fiesta has 600hp cosworth engine and will smoke anything you

deoradude says:

so what happened to travis? i know subaru completly pulled out

testify221 says:

Ford ftw

studioreason says:

you fucking fool…haha this is dope

PodGear says:

hard to watch for a German, cause u hear what he really sais ^^ but fits at
some point just perfectly ;)

AWDfreak . says:

That was amazing. However, I must say that Ken Block is still awesome, Ford
or not. However, I would prefer he be with Subaru.

Duy Nguyen says:

? explain?

STriDeRMxli2 says:

the guy at 3:16 looks like if he is thinking “shit, i dont like the other
energy drinks!”, good video

TrapZoneCanine says:

That was awesome

sourdeeeztrees says:

@BAwithBALLS the subaru motor and all boxer/flat motors are designed with
multiple purposes..i guess porsche motors suck too?

Subykid says:

what movie is this originally?

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