GoPro: Ryan Tuerck Drifting Crash At Formula Drift Long Beach!

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Click to watch head on footage of the crash: During a practice session at Formula Drift Round 1 on the Streets of …


Daniel Gray says:

Helmet cam craziness …

Michael Brondum says:

GoPro: Ryan Tuerck Drifting Crash At Formula Drift Long Beach!

GoPro: Ryan Tuerck Drifting Crash At Formula Drift Long Beach!

mikel says:

He got lucky.

proviperson says:

read the whole description.

Samael The Destroyer says:

“Fuck” indeed, Mr Tuerck.

Verm Okkult says:

agree but idk about the wheel breaking off and destroying brake lines and
what not. and when you daily you are not driving in a controlled
environment like a race track.. breaking wheels good for track kinda
sketchy on populated roads.

KONTRAone says:

as a matter of fact, those 1552 tarmacs used to be a lot stronger but they
changed the construction at the request of ken block and his rally team to
make them less durable for this very reason.

Verm Okkult says:

i was thinking the same exact thing, even in the ken block irwindale drift

Leezy Naruto says:

next wheel pls

Covert Skyline says:

@TheHoonigans or the whole drive axle or possibly the differential. A lot
of other major components can be damaged so its a good thing they brought
break away rims into the series. Those r break away right, or r they just
some cheap rims? Do u guys kno

MrBrinkman721 says:

The wheel I think broke because it hit the wall. Don’t think the
manufacturing had anything to do with it. Can’t win them all man keep up
the great driving. Wish I could get a ride along if u where at a event down
in Florida

paradoxdesigns says:

I thought he had a 240?

Mikhail Naumov says:


Austin Wade says:

its a 1jz

tmenoncin says:

2jz sounds amazing

Nev36 says:

First time in new car too? Fucking gutted!

hoppnas says:

so what is the 3 switches in the middel of the consol?

Verm Okkult says:

yeah i did afterwards only useful when you have serious sponsorship backing
not good for daily IMO

Nenad Mali says:

Damn that one was crazyy i’ve seen it on live stream it was just a loud
boom and than the wheel was gone… damn…

kylepriz69 says:

need outside view

rh90805 says:

why is that wheel always breaking lol..not so good advertising for the

KoukiMonsters says:


Ben Lavoie says:

Cause ken drifts for fun and show, him its a competition, if he doesnt do
good he looses, so he probably shat his pants for a sec befor he saw how
minor it was hahaha

TheHoonigans says:

A stronger wheel would have resulted in a lot more damage to the suspension
components that are not as easy to fix. In a crash SOMETHING must break.
It’s better that something be a wheel which can be replaced with 5 bolts
than a subframe mounting point.

Network A says:

Glad this was only in practice! Still a great showing for Ryan in Long
Beach. Can’t wait for Formula Drift round 2!

TheMatt568 says:

I like the troll note in the description :D

NinjaOfDarkEpicness says:

I don’t know much about drifting but how can you lose to a guy that crashed

Mat Cameron says:


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