Full-Black Chevrolet Camaro SS Exhaust Sound, Drifting – Need For Speed Lebanon 2013

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Johnny Bravo says:

I’m a mustang guy and have a ’14 Gt but I admit that thing is pretty mean

Anthony Hill says:

wtf is up with the gay club music

Casey Mills says:

What the hell’s up with the 10 antennas mounted on the roof -__-

OfficialEkokronik says:

that heavy Chevy needs a better driver…

benoit FRANCOUT says:

change your camera,it s so bad ?!!!!

callum chesworth says:

Nice car but tbh he cant drift

shawn w. says:

Dude Camaro’s are the best sounding cars I’ve ever heard.

nikezri92 says:


Highly Porsche says:

clumsy car but I love it!

Scott Donovan says:

Hey guys… Jack Sarraf

xoi tang says:

what kind of exhaust system it that it nice

Ray Ali says:

Dude where’d u get the front fascia?

ERA77074 says:

What exhaust system is that?

Cameron Dykstra says:

e30s in the background <3

Erik Kaue says:


mr truth says:

I’m in love

Chevrolet Camaro says:

Hermoso ss :)

jrwalker w says:

idk if this has been answered but what front bumper is that and the side
skirts and rear?

alex zepeda says:

Hermoso ss :)

DemWhiteBoyz says:

Where did you get your front fascia?

RetnaRed says:

Dope fresh car!! What engine is that?

Mike Hunt says:

the middle east**

Jack Sarraf says:

I dont know exactly but i think 2012

poohray12 says:

sexy car

Backdoor Man says:

Side scoop is trying to imitate the stang…shoulda left it stock, its the
camaro signature

AMCclubLEBANON says:

that car is for stephano dagher

Fred Kalash says:

what year is this camaro?

Jack Sarraf says:

Yes it is!

3647m says:

Ur drifting sucks

vgamesloja says:

Nice how u put this leds on the front bumper ?

22C2EDCC says:

هاجتن به .. اولاه لو يعطين اياه تسان تشوف العفط على اصوله

Channell Jones says:

Whats name of the song ?

Robert Smith says:

Nasty ss

Scorpion7substance says:

black Camaro with black stripes, foken nice!

hussen nadher says:

camaro is really amazing , very impressive sound and customizing .. but the
drifting is poor….

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