E3: Project MMD at SEMA – 2014 Vortech Supercharged Ford Mustang GT by AmericanMuscle.com

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In the final Episode of Project MMD, the 2014 Mustang GT gets a ton of horsepower to back up the new look! We reveal the car at SEMA Show 2013 in Las Vegas, …


AmericanMuscle.com says:

Have you guys seen Episode 3 of our 2014 Mustang GT Project MMD? We just
dropped the third and final episode live from SEMA 2013 in Las Vegas, NV!

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G. Warren says:

I need bags here in San Diego! I’ve already ripped my boss pipes off
hitting a bump.

charles taylor says:

I love it!!!

Mustang GT says:

You Guys hot it out of the park with this set up. The car looks bitching!

Mustang GT says:

Awesome machine!!! Bitching video and wow!!! Beautiful woman!

Teddy Eng says:

How much does that thing cost? I’d like to buy one.

Brian Matthias says:

It’s awesome to see this video come together. It sounds so much better in

TWOORisky says:

+Arjun Sihota they are RECARO seats

Daehawk says:

So what time will you be swinging by my pad to give me that beast after the
show? :)

Greg Upshur says:

Little GT” by the Detroits’ Seatbelts would have rocked this 

MrSleesch13 says:

Please more so videos :)

JakesSRT8 says:

Wish I could afford to do this to mine!

Ricky sanchez says:

Right on guys!

Cody Blankman says:

Will MMD also produce exhaust deletes without the cut outs for people who
don’t want a cut out?

Orion Mustang says:

I really wish I had a Mustang. The only thing I didn’t care for was the air
ride, making a Mustang into a low rider is wrong. 

Matthew Barnhart says:

I want to lower my 05 Mustang but am worried about scraping. This MMD
obviously is very low, so how do you manage with the scraping?

Dylan Morgan says:

Came together nice!

Nathan Nguyen says:


Jesus Lopez says:


thomasj1026 says:

Would have loved to see the use of a cam swap along with this but maybe on
the next build and throw in some MT’s

AKDMB says:

Cobra Jet Intake and Throttle body next!

TheGreatWiener says:

I was iffy on it after the first two vids but I like how it turned out,
very modern

Stanley Wright says:

Love the MMD car. Sound bad ass and make me jealous! I know it’s a long
shot but can you do a project car with a 99 cobra. I been wanting a mustang
since I was little and the first one I get is a 99 cobra. Had it for a year
and ready to do some major mods 

Shane Kemp says:

When will the rear valance that blocks the exhaust cutout be available I
have been waiting for someone to make one 

HalmarkCreates says:

Am i able to buy this car?

Simon Knight says:

Awesome car by the way

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