Crawford Performance Gymkhana Practice Exhaust for 02-07 Subaru WRX and STI

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Crawford Performance Gymkhana 1 Exhaust (available in axel-back or catback) on a Subaru STI with a Crawford Performance 3 inch Catted Down Pipe. Video includ…


Crawford Perf says:

Our Gymkhana 1 cat back can not be designed to fit all the different
midpipes on the market, but it does fit our midpipe perfect!

Hunter Adams says:

i’m sold. Getting this ASAP!!!!! 

Kassidy Roisum says:

what mods are done to the car?

Crawford Perf says:

@Smljhndnsmr – My guess is that it will fit decently. The mating point is
dependant on the orientation of the flange on the down pipe. We have
designed ours to to be situated so that it will mate with the OEM flange.
If the flange on the Cobb or any other down pipe meets those requirements
than it should fit pretty well. For slight adjustments you can pick up some
stiffer exhaust bushings for better fitment.

BikerDarren24 says:

@wknose Hey man, just a quick question is this car stock with the exhaust
or does it have mod’s? If so i’m sold :) Thanks

Crawford Perf says:

@SDsinner1 – It is as street legal as your state allows. Every state is
different and all the rules are different for each state and district. It
is a very loud exhaust and if there is a limit on noise I am sure it will
fail miserably. :)

Crawford Perf says:

@nukemutant187 – Yes we will be offering an axel back for our current
Signature Series exhaust customers. I’ll post up the group buy info shortly

drummer835 says:

@NoLimitzPlz Rally sport direct is cheaper!

Colby O'Connor says:

0:47 – 1:07 music to my ears

Justin Lewandowski says:

just got mine. I’m in love <3 :)

Alessandro Pagnotta says:

:’) NO COMMENT (‘:

jakubgt1 says:

How do you not go deaf from that exhaust?

420Nelbone says:

between 45 nd 46 it sounds like a massive roar of some mythical creature

agcompton says:

is this street legal? LoL awesome shit, Im wanting to get an 04-05 STI,
maybe an 06 or 07 but just any STI would be fine, and this fucking exhaust
is a must LOL

j21hustlin says:

3 inch exhaust on a 4cyl does it hold the backpressure?

Crawford Perf says:

@robely1993 – This can be purchased as either a cat back or axel back. On
this vehicle it is a cat back.

MrThrashr18 says:


Justin Lewandowski says:

ill make a video today! follow me i should have it in a few days.

Auto-Motive says:

a much better looking way to run straight pipe. That exhaust will get you a
ticket at idle. Sounds sick, on a rotated set up probably equally loud as
running open downpipe.

ImprezaRacerSTi says:

Is this installed on a car with a stock engine? If so and still sounds like
that Im deffinitly going to buy one!!!

dynamis88rivera says:

:49 almost makes me cry…so beautiful haha

Crawford Perf says:

@TTheUnit – Depends on what is considered legal. :) I am not sure to be

hugebassfishing says:

what other mods are done?

PhillySportsPhan90 says:

This video may blow my speakers. Do I care, absolutely not!

Boner Dix says:

@wknose question, what’s the difference between Axel back and Cat back?

Jeff Krauss says:

And that is Block’s car in the second half, whatta beast.

158158cow says:

@ArthursWRX8U Okay thanks for the info, i learned something new today!

158158cow says:

Can some one explain 0:47 please. I know he let off the throttle and
there’s engine braking but that was something else

LiveRelentless97 says:

*Downloads video as MP3* *listens to it nonstop*

RallyScoob43 says:

@bballa318 It’s not the exhaust that makes the sound, it’s the flat 4
engine coupled to UL headers. Sorry, you’ll have to buy a Subaru. :)

jpowers94 says:

wtf happens at :49 hahahahaha

RancidElf32 says:

full catless invida n1 racing setup. Its pretty gnarly. It burp and
backfire when ever you string it out on 2nd gear. It sounds great but
nothing like this. this is amazing. I’m definitely get this axleback

Boner Dix says:

@nukemutant187 I know it’s different name wise, but aside from that, what
makes them different?

Crawford Perf says:

@BBSroll – No, it was just released and is now available for sale.

Lookey360 says:

If the exhaust sounds like that, MAN F THE DRONE I WANT IT

Crawford Perf says:

This exhaust can be ordered from Crawford Performance or Rally Sport Direct
will be offering a weekly special special on them.

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