Burnout Contest! American Muscle Mustang Show 2014

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Full Event coverage here!-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHd2ZwDeOI8 For this short little bonus video, I show a little bit of the highlights of the sights …


ThatDudeinBlue says:

The smell of tire and clutch in the morning!
Thanks for watching!

Omar Abdulghani says:

Pshhhh, just the typical 5.slow liter shitstangs… Lol. 

Mid Ohio Car Enthusiast says:

Its like watching paint dry.. If i were there during this.. Id probably be
on my phone too… Just seems totally pointless to do a first gear burnout
for sooooooo loooooonnngggg… OMG

ravesilly says:

How were you able to get down on the track like that? 

Tyler Alexander says:

Dude in the red 5.0 sucks xD

Jcars6842 says:


Thomas March says:

4:40 was i the only one that thought that was close as fuck?

Anthony Fochizzlenizzle says:

anyone else notice the staff member grabbing butt at 3:46

jonny16c says:

U guys are the cause of position in earth -.-

Hector Rivera says:

Is that grey mustang with the high lighter wheels built for drifting? 

Batuhan Demir says:

Hope wrxfan accepted the als nomination thingy

Dylan Johnson says:

3:46 butt grab 

DEKO442 says:

I had an 05 pony but let my bro borrow it beeutiful white and black and he
destroyed it completely I miss revving it :(

Patrick94GSR says:

Red car really. Sounded. Like. It was. Straining. To keep it going haha. 

Trevor Phillips says:

And the point of this is?..

ThatDudeinBlue says:
TheDrogan91 says:

What’s your quarter mile time, David


I don’t get the point of a burn out than polluted the air.

Thaddeus Mitchell says:

I cant wait to see the video you were working on tonight at the meet, it
should be pretty sweet!!

iiiRezah says:

100,000 sub burnout in the smurf ? Lol jk tires cost a pretty penny ! Can’t
wait to see what’s up !!

Cole Philbrick-bauer says:

You weren’t lieing! :D

Nick Norman says:

That red 5.0 was like, “what tires”?

Ninja5640 says:

Just saw this on Bigklieb’s channel!

AtomicBlueJay says:

I despise all ford mustangs and honda civic and integral

I don’t hate the brand honda or ford just thoose specific cars

yulissa kery says:

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tinker bell says:

Agreed 4:40 did a half decent burnout lol typical Americans :p

JDMFairladyZ_ C4ZR1 says:

This is honestly annoying… Love the channel and I understand that some
people really like this sort of thing but to sit completely stationary for
minutes at a time and destroy your clutch, brakes and tires to look “cool”
just doesn’t make sense to me

Carlos colon says:

The New York mustangs tires are going ham

Greg DeLuca says:

Ah, nothing like the smell of burnt rubber. One of my favorites! Lol

Dacota Powers says:

did you do it

Aaron Fg4 says:

Hey David you are a huge inspiration to me and I’ve been following your
videos for awhile now. I made a new youtube channel for me to make video
blogs to show the progress of me modifying my car and to share my car
journey with others.
Here is a link to my first vlog. Introduction-Vblog episode 1

Hope you can spare the time to watch my first video.
Thank you,
AaronRobin Fg4

Alex Born says:

Hey david I love your video’s and was wondering if you could shoot me a
text whenever there’s a car show or local meet up I live right on the
Richmond/chesterfield line and just havnt caught any good shows lately you
can text or call me @ 804 683 1985 my name is Alex 

Scott Brixey says:

lol i sure hope the guy at 1:19 made that his profile pic. it looks so

rigocstln says:

I know you cant review any car that you want unless its given to you but if
you have the chance can you do a review on a 98-02 Camaro/Trans am. I have
a ls1 Camaro and I want to know what you think about them. Thank you and
keep up the good work

YourAverageGearhead says:

As always, great video David

Tyler Edwards says:

I’m sorry America but a burnout is not a brakestand. Please go and look at
videos of a real burnout from here in Australia, we actually move the car

Nick Just says:

Bahahahahahhaha lovely standstills, so much controll just that brake pedal
If you wanna see a decent skid come to Australia.

Steven Z says:

Anyone roast them til they popped?

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