AM2014: Crazy Mustang Burnout Competition by Roush Performance – Car Show

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This year, Roush Performance sponsored an awesome Ford Mustang Burnout Competition at the AmericanMuscle 2014 Car Show. If you made it out to Maple Grove Raceway and got a chance to see…


Racing Psychosis says:

Bam!! Big Schwag….

Mustang030988 says:

I love how the v6 that started the competition didn’t even exist in the

kiraanimerawr1 says:

Why is there tape on the rear fenders?
(Wish I coulda gone to the AM show)

Johnny Bravo says:

I wonder what caught fire?…someone explain? Something in the engine bay?

Michael Joslin says:

That was so much fun!! Would definitely do it again next year!

SixBang Stang says:

That drifter was SICK in person!!

Danny Thompson says:

To stop the rubber from the tires breaking down getting on the car

potaka79 says:

Why is the skid pad so small…..You guys need to check out SummerNats &
watch how we do burn outs in Australia.

Angel Gonzalez says:

No one thought of doing a second gear burnout?

GenkiElite says:

This is where having a line lock can really come in handy.

Jesus Arellano says:

why did the 5.0 almost catch on fire?

utopia vanished says:

@kiraanimerawr1 Prevent rubber and debris from ruining body or paint

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