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Formula D1, Infineon, 09-11-10 Chris Forsberg VS Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Hitching a ride home in rain with former Formula D and World Drift Series Champion and all-round nice guy Vaughn Gitten Jr. at Gatebil Rudskogen 11-13 July!

test n tune pt 3 before the start of nationals 3 at cecil county dragway in rising sun,md labor day weekend 2012.

Sportsman PT **& FINALS** august cecil 2013 pt 5 rising sun,md next month yellowbullet nationals sept labor day 2013.

My Ride Along with Ryan Tuerck in his 2JZ Frs after 2 friends and I won Network A’s FD Challenge in Seattle. Had a great time hanging out Pat’s Acres for Rya…

Short clip of the guys that made the fans stand up and stomp their feet as a thunder! What happens when you put two professional drivers in 2x Scion FR-S powered with 2JZ-GTE engines? Ryan…