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Truckin 4 Troops solider rides with Vaughn Gittin Jr on our autocross track here at the Carlisle Fairgrounds during our Carlisle Events All Ford Nationals.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. breaks the drift world record in a 2010 Ford Mustang for 0-60 Magazine.

One of Dale Baker’s unknown crosses that he sent me to test/ID this past December, it was even better than I remembered, even unripe. It had the faintest swe…

Pretty decent flavor, another that was similar in texture, as well, to the Pepperoncini. Thin walled, succulent, not really juicy, but moist. No heat yet, bu…

History of the SLP Firehawk and Camaro SS originally shown on Speedvision.

Source K7 VHS Autovidéo L’épreuve de rallycross de Loheac 1984 La suite des vidéos sur :